Collection: Auto-Irrigation Traveling Sprinkler System

IRRIGLAD automatic hose reel water-cart is an effective alternative solution to underground irrigation systems, which avoid the water leak by pipe crack in the winter. It helps save the time for additional maintenance and reduce the cost for the repair.

IRRIGLAD automatic hose reel water-cart has fully controllable applications. User can control the water volume during each time of irrigation and achieve the unattended irrigation. The innovative self-propelled water-saving irrigation technology provides stable reliability for water conservation, especially in some arid regions. The IRRIGLAD designed turbine is the most efficient drive in the irrigation industry and is a highly adjustable drive option. The impeller is precision cast from aluminum alloy and has a long life and corrosion resistance. The IRRIGLAD Water- Cart provides three options in different garden scenarios: a. the automatic irrigation for full environment coverage; b. the fixed position via sprinkler irrigation for small garden; c. attach pistol nozzle to irrigate through manual operation.